About Ravenswood Title

Ravenswood Title prides itself on the ability to take a transaction from order to closing and beyond as smoothly as possible.  We are constantly working to expand to new states and provide the best level of service in the industry.


Ravenswood Title is organized into two departments: Title and Escrow.

The Title department has 5 teams: New Orders, Examining, Title Clearance, Recording and Policy.

The Escrow department has 4 teams: Pre-Closing, Scheduling, Funding/Disbursing, and Accounting.


What started as a two-person operation in 2003 has quickly exploded into a title company covering almost every state and closing more than 15,000 transactions per year!

To comply with various state laws, Ravenswood Title Company, LLC does business as: 

  • Ravenswood Title Services, LLC in New York
  • Ravenswood Title,LLC in Michigan
  • Ravenswood Abstracting, LLC in Pennsylvania
  • Ravenswood Title Company of Alabama, LLC in Alabama


Ravenswood Title has balanced fast-paced growth with experienced staffing to ensure that as we grow, the high quality work we are known for is maintained.

​We boast a veteran examining staff along with well seasoned and experienced closers that can handle even the most complex problem files.

Ravenswood Title Company, LLC, Title Companies & Agents, Chicago, IL

Low Costs

All across the title industy charges and fees have been on the rise in recent years.

Ravenswood Title continuously searches for lower cost options without sacrificing quality.

We pass more of these savings on to the customer than almost all other title companies!

What that means for you is lower costs with the same excellent level of service.


Ravenswood Title uses as little paper for real estate transactions as is possible. The entire title department is a paper-free work environment!

We utilize redundant and secure electronic document storage rather than paper documents to help stay as environmentally friendly as possible.


The managers of Ravenswood Title have comprehensive experience in the industry, each adding a different perspective that gives Ravenswood Title the ability to oversee  and smoothly handle even the most complex and challenging transactions.

Our Management Team

Brian Carrara

General Manager

The General Manager of Ravenswood Title, Brian Carrara, has a history working with every aspect of the title insurance process. This gives him a unique and thorough understanding of the industry and allows him to operate an efficient and superior title company.

Donna Facio

VP of Closing Operations

The Vice President of Closing Operations, Donna Facio, skillfully manages the best closers in the business. With an expansive knowledge of closing-related issues and a drive for perfection in the closing process, she has a proven track record of success.